We shed light on vital issues and ensure a thorough understanding

Your ability to work effectively with government requires an understanding of the politics, policies and people.

Every day, government makes decisions that have effects beyond what was intended. It takes foresight to see intended or unintended consequences in advance and it takes expertise to know what to do about it now.

You have the right to be heard, but where do you begin? Who are the right people to talk to? What is the process?

Our experience and knowledge of the system can save you time and help you achieve results by knowing how to cut through the bureaucratic maze and avoid the minefields that slow or stop progress dead in its tracks. Our strategic, business, political, legal and legislative services have achieved satisfactory results for our clients.

Government Relations

Over the years in government and in executive positions in business, we have developed professional relationships with members of the Legislature, Executive Branch and throughout state and local government to ensure access and effective communication.

Strategic Planning

We believe that successful governmental affairs plans begin with well-crafted strategic plans. We work with our clients to outline and target goals and periodically update each strategic plan to maintain momentum and support our clients’ objectives.


Whether monitoring the process or actively engaging the legislature or administration officials, we bring your issues and arguments to the individuals who are most involved and who are interested in understanding all sides of an issue before taking a stand on it.

Legislative Monitoring

Review legislation and identify bills of interest to the client. Track bills identified by the client throughout the legislative process and prepare a report as to the progress of legislation.

Legislative Bill Preparation

Obtain sponsorship for desired legislation. Work with sponsors and drafters to ensure accurate language.

Policy Analysis

Review issues, legislation & regulations to determine impact and alignment with client goals and objectives.

Business Objectives

As a growing business, we understand our clients’ need to explore new venues for expansion. We work closely to identify prudent business opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

Coalition Building

As a result of strong relationships maintained by our governmental affairs team, we know the right entities to contact to develop independent support for a client’s position.

Grassroots Outreach

Community involvement is a powerful force that has shaped every level of our government. We assist clients in devising communication strategies and educational materials to help unite constituent groups and compel action.